Sky® Platform Hire Ltd began operating in 1981 as a family business. More than 38 years later, we continue to offer our customers the safe, efficient and reliable service associated with the name Sky®.

Our long experience in the Powered Access industry ensures that we are able to provide accurate, reliable advice, based on many years of experience. Our input will enhance the efficiency of your project, whether you are a specialist trades-person or a large corporation. If you have an access problem, Sky® can provide the solution.

Our client base is varied and includes:

  • National Building and Construction Companies
  • Large Regional Building and Maintenance Contractors
  • Regional and Local Specialist Companies
  • Local Authorities
  • City and Town Councils
  • Surveyors,   Tree Surgeons   &   Roofing Contractors
  • Property Owners and Agents (Commercial, Industrial and Private)
  • Specialist Trades People